Tuesday, July 8, 2008

When Life meets Life

I have been living a life!

A life filled with experiences, emotions and heaps of thought!

It‘s been good, and it has been bad,

sometimes amusing and at times sad !

At times even with a horde of people, it still seems to be one secluded place!

There’s lot more to it but which is beyond expressions!!

With every passing day,

new things occur and old things change,

meeting people is just one of them!!

I met this someone!

We started to talk!

At first, I never gave it much of a thought!

But now we spend time together,

together we share and we care!

We spend sleepless nights together!

There’s no end, when v start to talk,

until its morning and we hear someone knock!!

Every meet, has something new and it feels better than the earlier one!

We enjoy loads of things together, little things brings us joy,

Small things makes us fight!

That’s how we are learning… learning more about each other!

And are growing closer and closer!

And I believe, that’s happens when Life meets Life!!!

If you’d ask me what’s so special about her, I’d just say,

she makes me feel special,

everything’s beautiful when she is around!

Hers lovely genuine voice, which I would wanna hear al d time!

Adding to it is her smile, makes me forget worries for that while!

There is a certain feel of comfort,

when she is so close by!

But that feeling is not near enough,

when unable to see, eye to eye!

But one thing for sure,

it’s really wonderful when life meets life!!!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

It’s about You, It’s about me, Its about US!

Those happy times when ur there,
those lonely nights when u don't care!
there r soo many things v share...

Sometimes when you are with me,
Ur happy and there is this Smile,
makes me think its all worthwhile..
i don't wanna see u sad,
I'm just so glad,soo glad..

There r times, v fight
N dont know whoz wrong n whoz right,
Then either one of us gets so upset,
n thinks maybe things r not so perfect,
Then we can't see each other so low,
and v try not to blow!

Every thought that comes to my mind,
I share it wid u all d time,
there r views, there r dreams,
At times u just dont agree to them,
but thats how i feel!

How feelings grow, i really dont know,
All i know is, they do grow,
With all these days passing by..
I'just felt so!
I can feel d love thats there,
Maybe u'll feel d same, just look in there..

All things apart,
i just wish to stay in ur heart,
and im livin every moment of this relation,
and for rest of what i want,
This poem says it all!!


I see you once
But i can stare at you for hours
why i love you i really don't know.

We meet for sometime
but can stay with you for a lifetime
why i love you i really don't know.

When you touch me
though you are just pulling my cheeks
i totally get lost
why i love you i really don't know.

When you yell at me
i feel like continuously listening
why i love you i really don't know.

and then you give that smile of yours
even when im angry
everything gets fine
why i love you i really don't know.

and then one fine day
you leave me in pain
shattering my dreams
and my tears going vain
why i love you i really don't know.

my love isn't false
it never was
you never understood it
why i still love you i really don't know.

but im still optimistic
and i know you will meet me someday
even if you don't
i will still wait intact
'coz i love you and that is all i know!!

Distance Love

Though you are far apart,
you will be always close to my heart.

I might never get another chance,
To tell you this face to face,
But hopefully i will see you again,
In another time and another place.
A place where we can be together,
A place where we can live forever.
But that place does not exist!

More badly i dream of you,
and having you in my dreams
But even with this distance.

But i want you safe without any harm.
I love you,
i want you to know,
i will always love you,
No matter where i go,
Down here or up there!!